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09 May

Our Stronghold

Nahum 1:7. The Lord is good, stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him.

As I read this verse I took great comfort in its words but then I realized in the preceding verses and the verses afterward that this is in the context of a message of impending judgement on Nineveh. This verse is written to the one who is trusting in God. Notice the first part of the verse, ” The Lord is good.” We can never fully realize our position in Christ until we realize
” The Goodness of God.” It is a major factor that helps establish our proper position in Christ

Next He mentions that He is ” A stronghold in the day of trouble.” This word “Stronghold” is translated as a refuge, a place we can hide or flee to. It is not like a place the world can provide, no it is a place that no man can touch. Its walls and towers are designed by God and it is His power that protects us. We need not fear catastrophe or pandemics. God knows us and has provided a refuge in which to flee. In these troublesome times I say “RUN” christian to the stronghold that God has provided and put your trust in Him. ( Selah )

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