COVID-19 Impact and Schedule Changes


On-site services resume May 17, 2020

May 13, 2020

Dear Family of Faith

It goes without saying that we have missed having our regular time together for the past eight weeks. Back in March when this virus was beginning to be an issue and there were discussions as to how we should proceed there were many different opinions that we heard. When a final decision was made, I determined with the information that we had on hand that the best way forward for our congregation was to cancel services. As difficult as this was, I believe this was the best thing to do – just as during the winter months we make decisions to have services based on the winter weather.

As things have progressed, we are thrilled to inform you that beginning this Sunday May 17, we will be holding services once again! We will be taking a number of precautions to minimize the potential exposure that you may face while you are at church (as in wiping contact surfaces, turning off water fountains, opening doors…) If you are sick or not feeling well, we ask that you stay home and not “share your blessing” with your Family of Faith.

There will be a couple things for a period of time that will be slightly different:

  • For those who would feel more comfortable doing so, you can bring and wear your personal protective equipment
  • May 17 there will be no Sunday School
  • May 17 we will have regular AM and PM services
  • May 17 There will be no nursery or children’s church
  • The offerings will be “taken” differently. There will be two wooden boxes in the front hallway that you will be able to place your offering as we will not have an offering taken during the service
  • We are asking that you practice “social distancing” in regards to your sitting in the auditorium. I know that we all have our favorite place to sit and it is hard to consider sitting in another spot. However, if we spread out in the auditorium I believe that we can keep proper spacing. (Don’t let anyone know this but many of the pews in the front have barely been used and the padding is like new – soft and squishy)
  • We are asking that the back two pews in all 4 sections be left open for families with young children that will not have the nursery or children’s church available. Of course, those with special needs can still use the back section as usual
  • We will temporarily not be using the songbooks. This is one area that we feel cannot be properly cleaned between services

We do understand that some do not feel comfortable coming out into public places as of yet. We are praying that soon we all will be able to gather together for worship. For those who do not feel like they are able to come out to the services, we will still be offering a live stream service (in a different format) that you can view.

Yes, things will be different for a short period of time. Yes, we may be inconvenienced and have to sit in a different place. Yes, we may have to give our offerings in a different way and look at the songs as we sing in a different way. But we will worship the Lord together; we will fellowship together; we will encourage one another and we will exalt our Lord together as the Family of Faith. Lord willing we will see you Sunday!

Pastor Greg Ince